Friday, February 4, 2011

Mathematical Proof of God


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Today I was made aware of a mathematical proof of God and I felt I needed to stop the whole world and share it with you. They were kind enough to make it very simple for regular people to understand, and they even made a Youtube video out of it.

At first, we're treated to some interesting symmetries within mathematics that you have to see to appreciate. No math skills are necessary to understand them. Then, they start doing what's called "alphabet code" to show you some interesting things about some common words and ideas about how to get ahead in the world.

So first, here's the video, and then I'll tell you what I think of it:

Mathematical Proof of God video

Okay, so they use alphabet code to "prove" the following:


Everyone get that? If you didn't watch the video, you might not understand where these numbers are coming from. See the video and you'll understand how these values were arrived at with "mathematical certainty" to prove that the love of God is 101%.

Okay, so since we're all thinking people here, let's take a look at this critically.

The most popular comment so far is:


That got me thinking. Is bullshit really more than the love of God? Can't we just say


and now God wins? But what if:




We're using the same rules, aren't we? So this isn't the "mathematical certainty" we were promised, unless God really ISN'T real, since that's got a higher score. Can't have proof He doesn't exist when we're trying to prove He does, can we?

Let's look at something else.

1 + 2 = 3, true? However, 1 dog + 2 dogs does NOT equal 3 cats, true? Of course. We can't add together different units. It's basic math that we can't add bare numbers together and arrive at a percent, so there's no mathematical certainty here either.

If we want percentages as our answer, we have to add percentages together. However, if you've ever been to a double-discount sale and saw a 70% off sticker, and the cashier takes an additional 30% off, you still had to whip out your checkbook and write a check, didn't you? Let me explain that a little better so you understand why it's important.

French Connection Women's Dani Crepe Dress, Bronze, 6Say there's a double-discount sale going on at Sears. They're clearing the whole store so they can clean the floors. You're looking at a $100 dress. (Or, if you're a guy you're looking at a $100 Craftsman toolset.) They're marking things down big time. 70% off everything, with an extra 30% off at the cashier.

70 + 30 = 100, right? However,

70% off + 30% off is NOT 100% off. It's actually 79% off. You're still going to pay $21 for that dress (or toolset). It's not free.

However, the example I gave is for a DISCOUNT. There's a difference between adding PERCENTAGES and adding DISCOUNTS, but it was the easiest way to demonstrate that not all math is simple addition. I'm not going to explain how to add percentages, just believe me when I tell you that this supposed "mathematical proof" of God is looking more and more like the work of a charlatan than of a true believer.

The Thinker - * Sale * Ships Immediatly !!You cannot prove or disprove an all-powerful being like God. Only He can do that because God has the power to define reality and exist outside of it. This is not unlike the ability for an author to create an entire universe and exist outside of it; the characters in his story cannot possibly reach him or understand him. Attempts to usurp a power only God possesses is a fool's errand at best, and arrogant blasphemy at worst. If God felt we needed indisputable proof He exists, He would provide it. People who try to 'prove' God with such easily dismissed 'proofs' come off as con men seeking to part fools and their money. This damages the credibility of those who are seeking to share the Good Word. We don't force our neighbors to convert, we don't attack disbelievers, and we definitely don't hoodwink those we wish to convert. Honesty is the ONLY policy.

There's a reason "Jesus freaks" are giving Christianity a bad name. A few more friends like those and we won't need our enemies any more. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car, and flapping your lips doesn't mean you're saying anything worth hearing. How about instead of shooting ourselves in the foot with ridiculous "proofs" of God and resisting every bit of science, from the world being round to the Theory of Evolution, that we instead embrace the gifts of intelligence and critical thinking God gave us?

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