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Jaycee is into a little bit of everything, as you can tell by reading through our articles. Mostly he focuses on self-improvement: physical, mental, and social. He also has a strong personal interest in computers, games, history and alternate history, writing and publishing, and astronomy. (Jaycee's vast repertoire of sexual techniques will only be discussed in person with those worthy of such knowledge.)

Chris is our Admin and takes care of technical issues. When the site goes down and it's not God's fault, blame Chris. It is believed Chris will not melt or catch fire when exposed to sunlight, but this has never been conclusively proven. Chris is interested in computers, games, computers, Girls Gone Wild, and computers.


Editor in Chief: Jaycee Adams

Site Admin: Chris


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If you would like to comment on something one of our authors has written, please do so using the comment field in the article itself. Anonymous comments are allowed, but are more carefully moderated against spam and hatemongering than comments which bear a user account complete with user information. It's all about verification; why should anyone trust you if they can't contact you and hold a private conversation with you? It's also about politeness; too many people use the anonymity of the internet to act like heathens; we're not interested in dealing with heathens. UPDATE: Anonymous commenting has been temporarily disabled due to stalker abuse, but there are several other options available.

Submissions and Joining the Team:
If you would like to contribute a story/article/way cool idea, or if you would like to see your name in lights, please contact Jaycee through the Gmail address you would like to contribute under. There aren't many topics we won't consider, as long as you put your name on them. If you simply wish to relate a story for us to enjoy, or one to investigate writing about, we also accept such submissions, but they have a lower priority. Contact Jaycee about these too.

If you wish to complain about something, write to Jaycee. Imperious demands will be laughed at, but polite disagreements and requests will be considered. If you wish to make an imperious demand, a threat, a false accusation, or otherwise be a big nuisance, AND you wish to have it taken seriously, please use this contact form and address your concerns to our Serious-Complaints-Division Head, Mr. Obama, who is ultimately responsible for all content on this site. Your concerns will be addressed as quickly as possible. Mr. Obama lives in a white house and is very proud of this. He also loves to receive your hate mail and will give you the attention you deserve.

Corrections and Suggestions:
Found a typo? Found a factual error? Found something incorrectly attributed? Have a better way to word something? Let Jaycee know!

Interviews and Reviews:
We occasionally review people, places, and things, and conduct interviews with happenin' people such as yourself. J. W. Thompson, a recent interviewee, mentioned to his FWA writing group that within two weeks of our article about him appearing, he received over 50 book orders crediting as their purchase inspiration. Can we do the same for you? Let's find out! Additionally, if you're looking to interview any member of the Mopjockey team, simply contact that person via their email address! Please be prepared to prove your identity, as we do get cranks now and then.

Simply click on any Amazon ad and buy something, even if it's not the item you clicked on. For direct donations, please contact Jaycee.

Want to find Jaycee's History?:
Here are some terms for your favorite search engine. Be aware different engines can turn up substantially different results.
  • Jaycee Adams
  • TheDS
  • Mopjockey
Searches for James Adams will likely not render any relevent results. Many of the results from the above terms will also be irrelevent. Jaycee has endeavored to mark his forum identities with his silver DS symbol as often as possible, but this is no guarantee, as anyone can copy it.

Some sites on which you'll definitely find his history (though he hasn't frequented them in quite some time):
  • Eagle Games forum (where he singlehandedly managed public relations on the forum for a year until the owners could put their own people in place; they are unfortunately owned by someone else now but sometimes the forum still works)
  • GURPS forum
  • Paradox forum
  • One or two Railroad Tycoon-oriented forums
  • Two or three Traveller-oriented forums, particularly COTI
  • ArsTechnica forum (before it became too popular)
  • Civilization Fanatics forum (he's occasionally still active there)

Anything Else:
Anything else, please write Jaycee. I think you've got the link by now.

Please treat us the way you want to be treated, and have a great day!


You're Wondering what this Place is all About

Ever have one of those days? Ever felt like mouthing off to the world? What would it be like if Andy Rooney, Dennis Miller, and an angry teenager shared a brain? Let's find out. We're the scissors you shouldn't run with, the matches you shouldn't play with, and the dog you shouldn't tease.

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Terms of Use - legally binding; sadly necessary

Some of the commentary on this site is intended as sarcasm and parody of Jaycee Adams and the Mopjockey / More in Sanity team, their lives, the people they know or know of, life in general, and other subjects that cross their minds. It represents OPINION, and not all of it is flattering. Most is not meant to be taken as fact. Accessing this site or its content in any way, or even being aware of its existence, constitutes your acknowledgement of this. You hereby agree to hold Jaycee Adams,, and anyone in any way associated with them completely and utterly non-responsible for anything, ever.

Anyone claiming to BE or REPRESENT someone "famous" who does not also provide sufficient proof of this is understood to be requesting belittlement. You will be ridiculed twice as much if posting as "Anonymous," and even more if you make threats and false accusations. If you've taken great pains to hide yourself from the internet and can't prove who you are, please get someone to vouch for you, being sure they agree that YOU caused all problems, not us.

Anyone so immature as to take offense or umbrage at anything on this site must apologize publicly for making this disclaimer necessary before leaving, never to return, and never harassing anyone associated with this site in any way ever again.

Lastly, you agree that though you might not agree with everything Jaycee Adams has to say, you will defend to your last breath his right to say it, the same as HE HAS DONE FOR YOU.

This agreement is binding in perpetuity in all temporal directions, binding whether you understand it or not, and binding whether you're allowed to make such agreements or not, so help you God/Allah/Yaweh/Source.