Monday, February 28, 2011

Tim Ferriss - Four Hour Body, Four Hour Work Week


Tim Ferriss, my new hero, has released his second book.

The first one, Four Hour Work Week was filled to the brim with fantastic, practical advice on how to get more out of your time, reduce your workload, and enjoy life. Unfortunately, even though millions of people have read it, only a sparse handful are mentally ready to accept its truths.

His new one, Four Hour Body, makes 4HWW into a jealous older brother. Want to lose 20 pounds in a month while eating all the junk food you want, and no exercise? Tim tells you how. Want to build 20 pounds of muscle in a month? Again, Tim's your man. Become a body builder, even? Tim Ferris has you covered.

You'd think with information like this, everyone would want to carry the book. However, Costco yanked them off the shelves. Why, you ask? Because the book also tells women how to achieve a 15-minute orgasm.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Totally in Love with this Lady


I want to share with you my privilege of having known and loved a very special lady. She's full of life, vibrance, excitement, brilliance, and beauty. She's completely amazing in every way. Songs have been written about her. Men have studied her, wooed her, fought over her. Everyone wants to be a part of her story. Every day I'm in awe at having the honor to know her as intimately as I do. I want the whole world to be able to share in the joys I've known!

In her youth, she really came into her own. The whole world could see what she was capable of, the promise in her future, how much possibility lay before her. She made a difference to many lives then. And today - still a young lady - she continues to touch innumerable lives. Everyone who loves her is proud of her generosity and spirit.

Upon taking a glance at her history - the causes she has fought for, the ideals she symbolizes, and the charities she supports - even the half-educated can see her unlimited potential to change the world. She has, in fact, already done much to make the world a better place.

Recently, however, she seems to have lost her way.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mathematical Proof of God


LARGE PRINT EDITION Authorized King James Version Holy Bible for Kindle (With Kindle Audiobook Technology) Best Selling Bible of All Time (KJV) Full Old Testament & New Testament (ILLUSTRATED)Hey everyone, I've been a little preoccupied with my fiction writing and other studies this past month, so I didn't get much done website-wise. I've also been monkeying around a little with Facebook, and I've got an article on the way about how evil it is. I'll probably continue to be rare for another month or so, and then I'll be back in the swing of things, with some new people I've asked to Expose Yourself, and even some additional writing staff, so you can get more points of view than just mine. Anyone who's got something they want to contribute to the 5 millionth-most popular website (out of approximately 255 million sites on the internet, so we're in the top 2%!), we are considering submissions.

Today I was made aware of a mathematical proof of God and I felt I needed to stop the whole world and share it with you. They were kind enough to make it very simple for regular people to understand, and they even made a Youtube video out of it.

At first, we're treated to some interesting symmetries within mathematics that you have to see to appreciate. No math skills are necessary to understand them. Then, they start doing what's called "alphabet code" to show you some interesting things about some common words and ideas about how to get ahead in the world.

So first, here's the video, and then I'll tell you what I think of it:

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