Thursday, October 22, 2009

Space Links


Over the past few months, I've unveiled a few facts about the Solar system you don't know and might not be able to find from casual looking. This month, I want to give you some resources to look up some of this stuff, and to answer the questions that I'm intentionally not answering for you. There's a lot of cool stuff to know.

Did you know that it was because of studying Venus that we discovered the possibility of a runaway Greenhouse Effect? Did you know that the Sun has recently started doing some really strange things? Did you know that, even though the universe is about 14 billion years old, and that nothing can travel faster than light, it's 93 billion light-years across?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Railroad Tycoon 2 Untold Strategies


There are a lot of strategy guides for Railroad Tycoon II out there. For those of you who still play Pop Top’s “Railroad Tycoon 2” game, and want to know how to be a better player, and don’t want to read rehashes the same old strategies repeated endlessly in everyone else's guides, I created my own huge personal strategy guide for Railroad Tycoon II and jam-packed it with tons of gamer-goodness!

I originally wrote it not long after getting out of the Navy, in 2001, and have added to it and updated it several times over the years because I still play it. As a result, it is probably the biggest, bestest game guide for Railroad Tycoon 2 anyone’s ever made. On top of giving you the best strategies for whipping up on Railroad Tycoon 2's butt, I've also cleared up a lot of misconceptions about the game, and even offer a few suggestions on how to perfect the game, just in case someone were to decide to try to turn the best railroading game ever made into an even better one. (That’s right, I consider RT3 and Sid’s Railroads to be steps backward.)

Want to build track efficiently? Want to operate your railroad efficiently? Want to break the other players and keep your railroading dream financed all the way to the Gold Medal? This is the guide for you!

And how much will this cost you? A lot less than you'd pay anywhere else. First, go to our More in Sanity Facebook Page and hit the LIKE button. You can read some of the articles the More in Sanity team has linked up for you if you want. Second, Click here to read the best strategy guide ever made for Railroad Tycoon II, or any other topic. Third, leave a comment below to let me know you liked it. And fourth, bookmark and check back now and then for updates. The best strategy guide does still receive improvements now and then, so kep up with them.

And if you'd be so kind, please ask your friends to LIKE the More in Sanity Facebook Page too. And now that I have Twitter, you can Follow me. And don't forget to visit the Hawk and Badger Railroad for scenarios. Thanks a bunch!

If you don't have Railroad Tycoon 2 yet, I can help you out with that, and it's dirt cheap. The Platinum Edition is the most up-to-date version released, and has has everything you could ever want. I've also linked up a few other such games, including the Eagle Games boardgame, plus a couple other games for comparison if you really want to see why I prefer RT2.

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Webster's Rejects


Do you remember the unusual word definitions from Reader’s Digest, Boy’s Life, and Cracked many years ago, published as if they were jokes? One of these magazines referred to such definitions as “Daffynitions”, others used some other name, but really, these words have been around for a long time, long enough that Noah Webster, author of the first dictionary, considered and rejected them. I have collected these for many years, and I now unleash them all on an unsuspecting public.

I originally created this around 2000, and posted it on my site a couple years ago. I occasionally find new words that need to be added, but there are plenty I don't add. I don't add the thematically-based ones, like "Log-on: add wood to the fire, Log-off: remove wood from the fire, Mouse: a critter that eats your food" etc.

Click here to go right to it!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Games I Play - Civilization 4


Civilization 4 is an awesome computer game, and I say that not just because it's really cool to play, but also because it's so FREAKIN' HUGE!!!

I don't get much chance to play it any more, but back when I did, I was pretty good at it, and I was also a regular on the CivFanatics forum, as TheDS. (I still occasionally stop by there to see how everyone's doing.)

I wrote a couple good articles on how to play the game, one entitled My Religious Experience, and the other entitled How to Pop your Borders Quickly, plus a number of useful mod suggestions to the game that might make it better. (And lets not mention all my sarcastic comments over the years, okay?) And fairly recently I finally got around to releasing my Reference Sheet from Hell, which is the most complete set of reference information available for Civ4 and its Beyond the Sword expansion.

Then back in June (2009), my buddy Dan Quick of Apolyton fame asked me to cohost his podcast show and I couldn't say no, seeing as how I'm a big fan of Civilization 4 and know a lot about it. (PSST! It's Episode #71!) For those of you who are interested only in my brand of general mayhem, and/or want to hear me tease poor Makahlua half to death, the first few minutes and the last few minutes are non-Civ-specific and most entertaining. Dan puts out one of these programs every other week, and he's got about 3 years he's been doing it now. I was invited to do another one a couple weeks ago, but unfortunately I couldn't make an appearance. I might make one in the next 4-6 weeks, though, but no promises. Thanks, Dan, for the opportunity to be a part of this!

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