Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Curse cookies!


Man, cookies are evil! You know how I went 3 whole months last year without any serious sugar, right? Did really good about it, and then WHAM! Out of nowhere came a craving. Well, after my birthday I again decided to do without. This time I only made it a month before someone started stuffing cookies and chocolate and cinnamon buns down my throat like there was no tomorrow. Yesterday especially, someone really wiped out my ability to resist freshly-baked, chocolate chip cookies, and I'm forever going to be mean to her for it. Or at least for the next 5 minutes.

When you have a serious addiction to something you don't want to be addicted to, you've got to be a lot more proactive in overcoming that. For the most part, I don't even buy the damned things. Other people buy them, and then they're just THERE. Habits can be defeated by replacing them with other habits. Sometimes I make a point of eating a couple dried apricots before I go into a situation where I might want sweets. A big glass of water helps too. And having something else to think about other than "must not eat cookie" is the best. I went 3 months without a serious threat to my no-sugary-crap diet just because I didn't think about it. I can do it again. And I will, very soon. I'm not going to wait for some momentous occasion, either.

Friday, April 9, 2010

To Your Health - Part 3


Welcome back, sorry for the delay, but I'm here now, so fret no more. Last time, I talked about improving what you put into your body, because when you build your body out of crap, it tends to turn your body into crap. And before that I suggested you drink more water to help lubricate the machinery. Now I'm going to complete the trifecta of input by discussing HOW to eat.

"I figured out how to eat when I was a baby," you cry. Ah, but you learned wrong, and because you're eating the wrong way, you're triggering your body's starvation reflex, which makes it almost impossible to lose weight. The "traditional" way to eat was developed back when we had to do lots of work and sometimes had to worry about whether we'd miss meals; it allowed our ancestors to pack on fat when they needed it and burn it off when they didn't. Ever wonder why so many Renaissance paintings and sculptures are of overweight women? Back then, being fat meant you were wealthy and could afford to miss work; you never missed a meal. Today, though, it means you're not working enough and overeating. So let's change the way we eat to get rid of the unneeded fat.

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