Monday, February 28, 2011

Tim Ferriss - Four Hour Body, Four Hour Work Week


Tim Ferriss, my new hero, has released his second book.

The first one, Four Hour Work Week was filled to the brim with fantastic, practical advice on how to get more out of your time, reduce your workload, and enjoy life. Unfortunately, even though millions of people have read it, only a sparse handful are mentally ready to accept its truths.

His new one, Four Hour Body, makes 4HWW into a jealous older brother. Want to lose 20 pounds in a month while eating all the junk food you want, and no exercise? Tim tells you how. Want to build 20 pounds of muscle in a month? Again, Tim's your man. Become a body builder, even? Tim Ferris has you covered.

You'd think with information like this, everyone would want to carry the book. However, Costco yanked them off the shelves. Why, you ask? Because the book also tells women how to achieve a 15-minute orgasm.

We don't want them doing that, do we? Nay! Women must never realize their capacity for unlimited enjoyment of sex! The horror! God help us if they were to start exposing their ankles!

Whether you want to drop fat, add muscle, learn how to enjoy sex, get better sleep, reverse injuries, or just run faster, if it has to do with improving your body in a simple and easy way, Tim Ferriss tells you what nobody else wants you to know, including straight talk about anabolic steroids and other drugs. (Hint: You can build muscle faster WITHOUT illegal drugs than you can WITH them.)

There's something in this book for everyone who wants to take their health seriously. It's important. And Costco doesn't think you're adult enough to handle it. (Which, unfortunately, is true for about 80% of the population.)

Some of the incredible, easy tips for weightloss which you can try out RIGHT NOW include:

1. Putting an icepack on the back of your neck and upper shoulders for half an hour when you're relaxing during the evening. Couch potato heaven!

2. Taking pictures of what you eat. You don't have to count calories, you don't have to stop eating it, you just have to take a moment to take a picture of it. For greater effectiveness, show the picture to other people.

3. Sprinkle some cinnamon in your coffee before you eat a meal. (No more than a teaspoon a day!)

4. Simply eating slower and drinking plenty of water as you eat. Scarfing down your food sabotages your weight loss attempts, as does inadequate water in your stomach for digestion.

5. Make a "cookie log". You don't have to stop eating them, just mark down on your calendar every time you eat a cookie, or whatever other bad-for-you thing you're trying to eat less of.

One guy lost weight by simply tracking his weight. That's right, every day he weighed himself and wrote it down and charted it. He didn't change anything about his diet, and over two years he lost about 25 pounds.

That's six tips right off the top of my head that ANYONE can do RIGHT NOW.

For dieting fans, Tim also has what he calls a "slow carb" diet. You try it out for a week, and then you get a cheat day when you can eat anything at all you want. You only have to have enough willpower to delay eating your favorite junk foods to that one day a week. Anyone can put junk food aside for a few days, knowing they'll be allowed to eat as much as they want later, right? And better still, it's important to your weight loss that you DO eat as much junk food on that one day as you can!

But that's just for starters.

Tim Ferriss takes a minimalist approach to the hassles of life; he's always looking to do the most with the least effort, and you'll find so much useful information in his books, you'll wonder why they aren't the size of an encyclopedia and why they don't teach this stuff in Kindergarten. Tim experiments constantly, and he has tons of connections to get things done. Tim gives you what no one else does because no one else has investigated as much as he has. No one else questions the "facts" so thoroughly, nor has the resources and determination to find out what the real facts are.

I've spent the last few days digesting the first parts of the book, which are about weight loss and muscle gain. I've been putting ice on the back of my neck each night and trying to get myself in the habit of eating slower. I already drink a lot of water. I haven't started tracking things, and I haven't gone on the diet yet, but I plan on doing so soon. Last year I managed to hold back on regaining the 50 pounds I lost the year before, but so far this year, I've been slowly losing my battle because I haven't been as active while it's so cold.

That's going to change, and real soon. And the Four Hour Body is going to help me.

A little bit of the information in Tim's book, particularly the muscle-gain ideas and some of the sex stuff, I already knew from other reserach and experimentation I'd done last year, so I'm pretty confident that the rest of the book is solid gold. Meanwhile, get your copy now and have the pride of knowing you have a banned book in your hands!

(Note: other than the pittance Amazon gives me when you buy something from them through one of these links, I have no ties to Tim Ferriss.)


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