Monday, July 5, 2010

Bob Parsons is a friggin' genius

. :: Bob's 16 Rules

This is kind of a follow-up to yesterday's post.

The day before yesterday, before taping my third guest-spot episode of Polycast, I had the most ape-stonkingly-awesome idea for a website. Something that almost literally spoke to me. Amazingly exciting! Dudes, I could hardly contain myself during the show, and when it comes out, you'll see I'm pretty excited, that this was the best show I've been a part of.

So I jumped onto and started to get it registered, along with a few other awesome domain names I've been thinking about lately. But a problem reared its ugly head, and due to technical matters, I wasn't able to complete my transaction before Polycast taping began.

Once it was done, though, I called up GoDaddy and got some help getting my problem fixed so I could make my purchase before someone else could come along and steal my ideas out from under me. About 10 years ago, when I registered this domain name (, I had queried to see if was available. It was, but I needed to think about it. I came back a couple days later to make the purchase, and BOOM! IT'd been snapped up, and by a cracking-for-profit group, no less! They've since wandered off, but I had to choose something else, and that's why you're on, which is a far better domain name than anyway.

The tech support guy was great. I had talked to another guy earlier, and he was also great, but because I thought I'd figured out what I was doing wrong and didn't have the time to let him help me out, I cut the call short. But the guy who helped me out with my problem was great, one of the best tech-support people I've ever talked to, and I've talked to more than most of you combined.

So I get my super-cool domain-names bought, and he even grants a request for free domain-name privacy for since I was buying 8 names at once. (I now own 10 names! Woo hoo!)

I browse around a little and find out that the guy who founded GoDaddy, Bob Parsons, is on the same kind of kick I'm on, and doing a great job of sharing what he's discovered about how to be a success.

Not only has he posted that nice little list which I linked up there at the top, but he also posts a semi-regular video blog about the subject. Awesome!

If you've got any questions about what Bob is talking about, you can ask him, or you can post it here in the comments to this thread, or you can head over to my forum at and that way we can have a big ol' discussion so everyone can learn.

I'll tell ya later what domain names I got when I've got them ready for primetime. I worked on logos all night. I'll also link up my episode appearances for you at some point so you can crank it up to 11 with me.

Be your best!


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