Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Damien Walters... DAY-AMN!!!


This guy is freakin' amazing! And whoever put together this video of his talents did an outstanding job as well. I totally love the music, though not all of you will. If you thought Parkour was cool in that James Bond movie, Casino Royale, you're gonna be flabbergasted by this guy. Check this video out:

YouTube - Damien Walters Showreel 2009

I found this out because I finally broke down and got on Facebook (here's me), and one of my friends from the Navy, that Guy guy, had this linked up on his page.

I've been hunting around looking for other old buddies, and managed to find a few. But after the initial burst of activity, what would be the point in continuing to play with it? So few people do, and this site here has plenty for me to keep busy with. But I might just try friending Damien, maybe offering him a job.

Today, I've been busy writing an outline for a movie script. Based on something I wrote several years ago, it's actually a complete story that got wrapped up in another, larger story. It's just about the right size that it could be made into a decent action/thriller movie, and Damien looks very much like the kind of guy I envisioned for the role all those years ago. I just hope he can act! (And if not, I hope he knows someone as good as he is who can!)

 In other news, this is quite possibly one of the funniest Family Guy clips on Earth.

So here's the story.

You're minding your own business, taking care of your kids, one of whom is twice as smart as you are but afraid to let you know it, when your stripper wife is killed in a housefire, leaving you even more destitute than you already were. But since you can't be sure she was in the house, you look around, trying to find out for sure if she's dead or if she's safe somewhere. You try to ask the Secret Service, who've been spying on you for the past couple weeks because of some counterfeit bills you had to pass in order to feed your kids, what they saw, but they take off before you can get to them. Something about looking insane probably scared them into running you over with their van. After some digging, you find a clue that she might be alive, and where she might be. You track down the guy who may have been the last person to see her alive and find out, not only did he kidnap her, but he burned your house down, hoping you would be killed. Some unfortunate house burglar must have set off the traps and that's whose body was in the wreckage. You beat the crap out of him until he tells you where your wife is, and it's a race against time as you speed across Chicago to save her before she's sold off into a white-slavery ring and lost forever to some dude with more money than God and a taste for exotic women. Can you get there in time and kick enough ass? Will your children be sent to an orphanage because you couldn't accept her loss? And can you ever reclaim the life you once had before you were thrown out on the streets?

Find out in : "Get Momma Back"

This is a segment of a huge story I wrote about 15 years ago. My friend Natalie (who is also my biggest fan) has been telling me that another story I wrote would make for a good movie. Yesterday I got something in the mail from a guy trying to teach people how to write better scripts, and expressing interest in getting some made into films. That sparked the idea; I've been looking for a short (for me) story that I could write that would be worth making into a movie, and wham! There is was! I've been thinking about how to reuse all that old writing, and this is one way to do it. I've got quite a few other stories that work alongside this one that can be written up just as easily.

Of course, the trick is to write it. At least it shouldn't cost much to make.

There's a bunch of chasing and fighting and stuff, and Damien would be perfect for it. If he can act.

Anyway, that's the gist of it. I'll mention it again as I get stuff done, I'm sure.


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