Monday, May 2, 2011

Allah be Praised


Praise Allah for finally deciding to clean up his house! With Obama bin Laden dead at the hands of American soldiers - Navy SEALs no less - this is pretty clear proof that Allah wants nothing to do with the bastard. Together with all the upheavals going on in the Middle East and North Africa, it seems to me that blaming wholesale murder and personal greed on an all-powerful entity was a bad idea.

Let's look at this. When someone tells you to kill other people and live in abject poverty because he claims some all-powerful being told him to tell you to do it, shouldn't you stop and wonder at his proof? How do you know Allah told that guy to tell you to kill people in the most horrible ways imaginable? Why should you live in misery while he lives in a palace? Isn't Allah capable of obliterating anyone he wants obliterated?

And so he has.

Usama Bin Laden was killed in Islamabad, Pakistan, this past Friday. Praise be to Allah for delivering us from the pretender who abused Allah's name for his own personal gain.

The Christians figured out how to stop doing that a couple hundred years ago when the Inquisition was put to rest and the Crusades became passe. Let's hope the Muslims and the Jews figure it out really soon too so we can all play nice and let everyone believe what they want to believe about their Creator.

Now what should we do about Pakistan?

One thing is for sure: let's not do the bastard the honor of defining ourselves and our history with words like pre-bin Laden and post-bin Laden, okay?



  1. He was not killed in Islamabad, he was killed in Abbottabad, about 31 miles northeast of Islamabad.

    And how do we really know he's dead anyway? Because they say so?
    Identified with DNA? -Come on!
    Burried in the North Arabian Sea? -Yeah right!

    I'm not buying the story until I see some pictures or video of the dead terrorist.

  2. True. The initial news reports said Islamabad. More recent reports have said the Abbottabad is much like their version of West Point - lots of high-ranking military personnel. Chances are pretty good that several high-ranking Pakistani people knew he was there. I'm no fan of Hilary or Barrack Hussein, but I don't think they're fool enough to not notice that kind of thing, despite the niceties they delivered on the TV.

    You are far from the only person who wants to literally see the bastard dead. When the news isn't talking about how evil he was, it's reporting on people wanting to see the pictures. The debate is over how sensitive or insensitive it would be to do so. My prediction is that the pictures will be "leaked", but not officially released.

    He was no Muslim, but he fooled a lot of them into thinking he was, so we gave him a funeral and will be far more respectful of him than he ever was to us.

    But consider this: no matter what proof was offered, there are still people who insist that Hitler is alive, that there was no Holocaust, and that Americans never put men on the moon. A LOT of hard work has gone into proving these things false, but they can't be proven any more than you can prove what you had for breakfast yesterday morning.

    At some point, you have to take it on faith that the world isn't going to explode tomorrow, and that this isn't some ploy to make us all feel better.

  3. Screw Pakistan. They're two-faced. India's probably mumbling "Told ya so," or whatever the Hindu equivalent.

    What shall we do about them? Mess with their nukes, disable their launch capabilities, and then ask India to "intervene." Maybe give them to China as a plaything and military buffer between India and Persia. Then, go away and let God sort it out through the indigenous populations. Fuck 'em! We got what we came for anyway...

  4. Looks like you're right, Michael. According to this (, it seems to me like Pakistan has dropped all pretense of its fight against terrorism and is eager to be put on the list of rogue states which desire to have their country invaded. Especially since we know they DO have weapons of mass destruction.

    Letting them carry out their "threat" to seek Chinese protection may just be the thing to show them that America isn't half the devil they think we are. Maoism has a long history of supporting religious freedoms and reigning in imperialism. Just ask Tibet and Manchuria.

    But India wouldn't be happy about it, and then we'd lose 90% of our phone-tech-support personnel. Americans might have to hire Americans to answer the phones again!


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