Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shh-it's a Secret!


Thanks to Jay Leno for that headline...

I just wanted everyone to know that THIS GIRL LOVES ME!! (So nya!)

You may be seeing a lot more of her around here later, so start liking her, or I'll write you out of my will. (You guys ARE aware you can click on the pics for a closeup, right?)

Shortly after this picture was taken, the tree fell into the water. She started flailing and screaming about how she was drowning, and wanted me to jump in and save her. I rolled my eyes. I wasn't going in there after her, there could be gators in that water! Besides, climbing on the tree was HER idea.

"Stand up!" I shouted at her, and finally she did. The water wasn't even hip-deep. It's practically a flooded field. I'm not sure what you call that kind of waterway, it's just a waterland that ebbs and flows with the tide.

So she wades back to the shore and she's dripping wet and I'm still laughing my butt off at her. She's grinning, embarrassed, and a little startled, as she takes a look at what happened. Seems the tree wasn't as firmly planted in the ground as she thought. "Real smart going out there," I tease, the laughter subsiding.

"If you got a good picture, it was worth it," she answers.

"Hope so." We start heading back to the car, and then I realize, I don't want her dripping in my car! So I tell her, "You're gonna hafta dry out. Go lay out on that other palm tree until you're dried off."

Oddly enough, she doesn't like the idea. She seems to think she needs a shower first. To say nothing about learning her lesson.

So I don't unlock her door, and I get in and drive off. She can walk home, it'll do her some good. It's only about 8 miles, she's half my age, she can make it, no problem. She's complaning about being a couple pounds too heavy, even though she's 5'2 and barely 100 pounds soaking wet. At least I got a good picture out of it.

I'm just kidding about all that, of course. The tree is just fine.

You know, looking at that picture, you wouldn't think it was possible to take a bad picture of a girl like that, but I've got about a dozen pictures I took while she was here, and that's the only decent one. Well, there's another decent one, but it's taken a few seconds before this one, and she's not looking in quite the right direction, so it's not nearly as good. The rest, her hair is flying in her face, or she's looking in the wrong direction (that's the danger of taking candids), or it's fuzzy. But this one came out good.

What do you guys think? Should she be a model or should she be a model? And I should be a photographer, right? Use the comments for your opinions on the matter. Don't bother asking for her phone number, I'm very jealous about her and I wouldn't want to be forced to kick your butt. Normally I'm not jealous, but she's special. Who she is will have to remain a secret, so as to keep with the title of the story.

In other news, I've got Expose Yourself #2 written and ready to publish, but the person it's about is having website problems and she wants me to wait until she can get them resolved. Who is it? I'll give you a clue: she's super-cute and she owns a restaurant. Nope, it's not Crissy Taylor again! This woman has running restaurants in her very blood because she's spent her life rebuilding them. I'm very excited to get to meet her, not least of all because she's from another country and she really likes me. She called me a great guy today, and shyly punched me in the arm, just like Lacey did. Actually, she reminds me a lot of Crissy, in that she's very cute, very sweet, very shy, and too darned married for my personal taste!

The fine gentleman I originally slotted for #2 backed out at the last minute due to a scheduling conflict, but he'll probably be ready to go in a few months. You'll like him a lot too. BUT, in the meantime, I need to find someone for #3, hopefully to be published November 1st to get me back on schedule. Anyone in the Daytona Beach area got some inspiration to share?

Also, do you know what October 14th is? As you may recall, it's National Talk like a Trucker Day! This year's celebration will actually be the first time it's celebrated, because when I declared it last year, it had already passed. Doh!

October 14th is also the official beginning of Biketoberfest! The place is already starting to reek of bike noise. That will go on until the following Sunday, the 17th, so it's not quite the event that Bike Week is in March, which, as you'll recall, is actually my birthday party.

Next weekend there's an Air Show in Daytona Beach! I plan on being there at some point, come on down!

Lastly, I might be getting some guest bloggers in here. You've noticed my followers have tripled recently; well, they're set to continue to rise, and I'm asking some of the current ones if they'd like to speak to you, my legion of readers who rarely leave comments with your XBOXes and Java clients. (See the recent article about this site's statistics.)

That's all that's important for now. Have a good night, and be good to each other, because if you don't, who will?


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  1. Hey Jaycee! Nice blog! Funny story about the girl. LOL. Ya my husband will be at the airshow this weekend. I may or may not join him!


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