Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chumming the Waters


Yesterday, I took my first deep sea fishing trip in about 25 years. My dad fondly remembers he and his dad going out on the ocean to fish, and I recall going out there one year with them and being somewhat bored. I've never been that interested in fishing, but it's good time to spend with my dad, so I was happy to do it.

The ride out there took the better part of two hours, and I ALMOST made it before I had to chum the waters.

I don't get motion sick that much, unless I'm riding something really violent, like three roller coasters in a row, and lately I've been able to read in the car, so I didn't think a measly boat trip was going to affect me much. (I used to could ride rollercoasters all day, but of late, 3 is my limit, with a break in between.)

As soon as the boat stopped, it wasn't rocking as bad as it was while we were traveling... it was rocking A LOT WORSE!! So there was no chance I could catch up, and I spent the rest of the trip alternately hurling over the side, rushing to hurl over the side, and trying not to hurl over the side. I think I lost about 10 pounds in the toilet (because when I get queasy, my bowels get loose too) and another 5 pounds of stomach acid, plus a LOT of sweat. I was definitely dehydrated by the time we got back to shore, because drinking water only makes you puke it right back up.

And my throat was pretty sore.

So if you take a deep sea fishing trip, be sure to take some dramamine a couple hours before you go out, and DON'T eat very much beforehand, and DO be sure you bring along some Pepto and some Saltines, just in case. I didn't have a big meal, but I was surprised how much of it managed to come back up, even seven hours after eating it.

I'm feeling fine again now that I've drank about a gallon of water and eaten enough pizza to restore my wieght and the contents of my intestines, but let it be a lesson to you: just go to the store and buy fish there. Much cheaper, and easier on the throat.

At least I can still whoop just about anyone at Cribbage or computer games.

In other news, I finally updated my Civ4 contributions page to reflect that Episode 100 of Polycast was released, on which I got a considerable amount of air time, most of it in the last hour or so. It took about 3 hours to record the show, and the tape lasts about 2.5 hours, so almost everything got left in.

Here's everything you'll need for your own fishing trip. Buying anything off these Amazon links helps support the site and my amazing lifestyle and ability to write these fascinating status reports.


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