Friday, September 10, 2010

Up to 5.5 Miles, and a Computer Store in a Hairdresser


We've been walking a lot more. Last week, my buddy and I walked what I thought was 5 miles over the course of 100 minutes - that's a good walking speed of 3 miles per hour. I finally got around to measuring it on my map and discovered we'd actually walked half a mile farther! That's an even brisker 3.3 miles per hour.

I walked on the treadmill the other day and found out I burn 330 calories per hour when walking at 3 miles per hour, so for that walk I burned about 600 calories.

That's about one bowl of cereal with almond milk, which is what I have for breakfast. Free breakfast! Calorie-wise, anyway.

An hour of walking is good for your circulation and helpful for your heart and lungs, but if all it negates is a bowl of cereal, it's not a fat-burning tool. By that I mean you can't go eating tons of cookies and crap and think you're going to burn them off with an easy hour or two of walking.

Jogging at a comfortable pace of 5.5 mph burns off about 650 calories per hour for me. My jogging has gotten up to about a mile and a third at that speed, for 14 minutes, then filling out at least half an hour with walking, for about 3.5 total miles those days.

If you do the math, you'll see that you don't have to run twice as fast to burn twice the calories. If you can go faster, you can burn disproportionately more calories while you're doing it, and save time too. Higher intensity is better.

Matt Furey, noted physical trainer, agrees with me about intensity. In fact, he takes it a couple steps further by saying you should run all-out for as long and far as you can - essentially go as intense as you possibly can. I haven't tried it yet, but he says it's the best thing you can do for your heart and lungs, in that it does the most to build them up. I think I may give it a try for a few days and see if it improves my speed and endurance for my jogs.

In other news, if you live in Bunnell, I've discovered a great computer repair place - slash - beauty parlor and barber. Get your hair done and a facial while you get your computer fixed! Head to 4751 E Moody Blvd and look for the computer sign on the salon, and I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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